The MJC’s Founding Statement outlines its overall objectives, incorporating all the values and goals as well as actions that the association will implement.


The Founding Statement of MJC de Chamonix outlines the core values, guidelines, goals and activities of the organisation as follows :

The MJC de Chamonix aims :

To allow individual citizens to participate in the creation and development of a social and cultural programme that exists for the benefit and well-being of the community as a whole.

To be recognised as an education facility where people can contribute by sharing their own skills and knowledge with others.

To combat all forms of inequality, prejudice, exclusion and discrimination.

To provide a varied cultural programme for all ages from toddler to senior citizens across the social spectrum.


To enable continuous development (social, physiological, psychological) for the local youth, from early childhood to adulthood, taking into account real life circumstances and the local environment.

To contribute to the training of young people in social skills and model-citizenship, supporting their projects on an on-going basis. To strive to identify disadvantaged youngsters who are at risk of being marginalised because of their personal circumstances.

To take a holistic approach that ensures each young person is empowered to develop their own strengths and skills, ensuring their own valuable place in the local community.

To improve the quality of life. To develop a sense of identity and belonging within a positive community.

To promote, support and create links with other associations and social networks.